About Us

Physical Therapy… An Experience Like No Other!

While working in Palm Coast for the past 9 years, Dr. William “Billy” Sibille has crafted a long list of what works based on thousands of positive outcomes. With the opening of Coastal Rehab and Sports Medicine, patients can now experience first-hand the benefit of these proven clinical techniques.

Having created an environment that looks and feels more like a beach cottage rather than a room in a hospital, patients are treated in a space designed to promote healing and tranquility. Don’t be fooled by the plantation blinds or the saltwater aquarium, Coastal Rehab and Sports Medicine is a model of technological advancement stocked with the latest equipment and staffed by highly trained clinicians.

While every effort was made to provide an environment to make the experience of physical therapy pleasant, a medical facility is only as good as the medical team that is there to provide the wide array of services offered. The team at Coastal Rehab and Sports Medicine is excited to offer services provided on a one-on-one basis by our skilled team of clinicians for each and every visit. “With that type of personal attention to the specific needs of our patients, adjustments and modifications can be made in an instant rather than weeks later,” Sibille says. When multiple patients are being treated at the same time, as is done in most other facilities, important details can easily fall between the cracks.”

Services provided include pre and post-surgical rehab, a comprehensive cancer rehab program, vertigo and dizziness rehab, sport-specific rehab, and the treatment of conditions that cause pain and limitation of movement. Coastal Rehab and Sports Medicine is positioned to become your physical therapy clinic of choice. Ask your physician if physical therapy is right for you!

Billy Sibille received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy ten years ago and has helped many residents of Palm Coast, St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Coastal Rehab & Sports Medicine is located at 520 Palm Coast Parkway SW, Suite 101, Palm Coast, FL 32137 and can be reached by phone at 386-446-4101.